Макети KDA-2 (Type 88-1 Scout)

KDA-2 (Type 88-1 Scout)

Арт. код: SVM-72021

Цена (без ДДС)


The Kawasaki Army Type 88 Reconnaissance Aircraft was a Japanese single-engined biplane designed for Kawasaki by Richard Vogt. Originally known by its company designation KDA-2, it was accepted by the Imperial Japanese Army as the Type 88 Reconnaissance Aircraft. The Type 88 number was designated for the year the aircraft was accepted, 2588 in the Japanese imperial year calendar, or 1928 in the Gregorian calendar.[2] The basic design was modified into the Type 88 Light Bomber that used in combat over China in the Second Sino-Japanese War. The Type 88 was built in large numbers and remained in service until 1940.

Source: wikipedia

Мащаб 1:72
Части 0
Тегло 0.210кг
Бруто тегло 0.360кг
Обемно тегло 0.960кг
Материал Полистирол (PS)
Минимални години За моделисти 14+
Дължина, мм 171
Размах, мм 211
Произход Украйна

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