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UF-2 "Albatross" (Japan Self Defence Forces)

1:72 €45.20
€45.20 (без ДДС)

Макети Предложения

Messerschmitt Bf.109T Carrier based fighter-bomber

1:48 €25.85
€25.85 (без ДДС)

Макети Предложения

Be-12P-200 Experimental firefighting flying boat

1:72 €53.65
€53.65 (без ДДС)

During development of the firefighting variant of a new Be-200 amphibious multipurpose aircraft, designers had to solve a wide range of technica...

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Falcon 50M Surmar

1:72 €30.00
€30.00 (без ДДС)

Maritime surveillance aircraft

Макети Предложения

Beriev Be-12 "Prototype" flying boat

1:72 €61.80 €47.50
€47.50 (без ДДС)

In mid 50’s of XX century, the USSR started process of аn anti-submarine aviation formation, a brand new kind of air force, due to the strong dem...

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