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Gee Bee R1 (1933 version)

1:48 €25.00
€25.00 (без ДДС)

racing experimental aircraft

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Ye-166 Heavy experimental interceptor

1:72 €30.00
€30.00 (без ДДС)

Fictitious designation of the Ye-152-1, used when registering the world records with the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI). Also applied to the Ye-152M displayed at Monino as an intelligence ruse (Current case).

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HFB-320 EMC Hansa Jet

1:72 €33.50
€33.50 (без ДДС)

The HFB 320 is a mid-wing monoplane of conventional layout, with rear-mounted twin jet engines beneath a T-tail. Constructed entirely of metal, i...

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M-55 "Geophysica" research aircraft

1:72 €52.00
€52.00 (без ДДС)

In 1962, Myasischchev Design Bureau started work on development of high-altitude interceptor, as a countermeasure to the US reconnaissance ball...

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Mirage IIIE fighter-bomber

1:72 €28.20
€28.20 (без ДДС)

Mirage-IIIE was the most massively produced modification of the entire Mirage-III family of aircrafts. It was designed as an all-weather strike/m...

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IL-102 Experimental ground-attack aircraft

1:72 €35.50
€35.50 (без ДДС)

The Ilyushin IL-102 was an experimental jet-powered ground-attack aircraft designed by Ilyushin. This aircraft was never chosen for production, being surpassed by the Su-25, and only a few development prototypes were built.

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