From 20.03.2020 - All Post parcels shall not be traceable

Dear Clients,

We have just been notified that as from 20.03.2020 till further notice, all International post services shall not be traceable in connection with changes in air transport regulations due to Coronavirus.

In order to optimize the shipping (transit) time, we shall sent all your orders with Priority mail, which is the best solution for the moment.


Deliveries to the following countries are fully stopped at the moment:

  1. UAE;
  2. Jordan;
  3. Latvia;
  4. Taiwan;
  5. India,
  6. Honk Kong
  7. Libiya;
  8. Tunis;
  9. Mongolia,
  10. North Macedonia;
  11. Denmark;
  12. Moldova;
  13. Kazakhstan
  14. Malaysia
  15. Indonesia
  16. South Korea
  17. Morocco
  18. Peru

Thank you for your understanding!

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