MSVIT 72001


Scale model Sukhoi  Su-7 BM

Sukhoi Su-7 BM

Item Code: MSVIT 72001

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3 External fuel tanks
Extra Bomb trolley
2 decals
6 colouring schemes(3xUSSR, 2xCZ, PL)

Su -7BM was an upgraded modification of the Su-7B ground-attack aircraft, developed in the early 1960s. The plane has improved aerodynamics, additional wing hard points for external fuel tanks, capability to wear nuclear weapons, and was powered by all-new AL-7F-1 turbojet engine. The Su-7BM was produced between 1963 and 1965 with 267 built.

Scale 1:72
Parts 130
Weight 0.300kg
Gross weight 0.450kg
Volume 0.960kg
Material PS plastic
Minimum age For modellers 14+
Wingspan, mm 129
Length, mm 258
Country of origin Ukraine

by Matt Brittner in "InternerModeler.com" (English)


The Sukhoi Su-7 (known to NATO as the Fitter) was originally designed as a low-level dogfighter. However, it didn't perform well in that role so it was relegated to being a ground-attack and fighter-bomber aircraft. The Su-7BM had its engine upgraded and was capable of carrying nuclear bombs. There were almost 300 of this variant built.

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by "Doc-sh" in the Russian forum"Scalemodels.ru" (Russian)


Недавно мне в руки попала свеженькая модель Су-7БМ от молодой украинской фирмы ModelSvit. Этой моделью фирма открывает линейку своих пластиковых китов в 72 масштабе (номер модели по каталогу – 72001). Ее появление для многих оказалось неожиданным, так как ранее о разработке этой модели информации не «просачивалось». Поэтому надеюсь данный обзор будет интересен.

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