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Scale model Su-17 (1949) advanced prototype Scale model Su-17 (1949) advanced prototype

Su-17 (1949) advanced prototype

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PE sheet
Adhesive masks
Decals for 1 camo scheme

The Su-17 (Samolet R)  was designed to closely match the theoretical TsAGI calculations for supersonic performance. The aircraft had a 50° swept wing fitted with air brakes and boosted controls. A unique feature was that in addition to an ejection seat, the entire nose section of the aircraft could separate from the rest of the airframe. The project was canceled with no flights due to problems with wing structure, ongoing difficulties with the development of the TR-3 engine, and the closure of the Sukhoi OKB. The only example was eventually used as a gunfire target.

Source: wikipedia

Scale 1:72
Parts 70
Weight 0.150kg
Gross weight 0.300kg
Volume 0.960kg
Material PS plastic
Minimum age For modellers 14+
Country of origin Ukraine

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